Saturday, October 24, 2009

You name it-you got it

Along with being able to choose the color, shape, finish and materials, with a custom made chandelier, you can also specify the dimensions of your piece, length and width. What it all comes down to is the fact that, regardless of the price, your chandelier was intended to last a lifetime. In order to get everything you need and exactly what you desire you want to have a custom made chandelier built. That way you do not have to spend months, years or even your whole life looking for that one perfect piece. There should be no price tag on any of peace of mind like that.

With a custom chandelier you will never mix ’n’ match again

If you decide on having a chandelier custom made, you should know that you will then have the freedom to purchase other matching accessories that meet the same specifications. When buying a pre-fabricated chandelier you may not be able to find other matching fixtures, but with a custom design that option will always be there. You may be looking for a specific length and width for your chandelier and quite possibly search for a fixture that just is not there. Because you do not want to have to settle on a main lighting fixture you should have one custom made for your exact specifications.

A custom chandelier is the way to go when it comes to high quality

A custom designed chandelier is going to yield a high level of quality craftsmanship and it ensures you got exactly what you paid for. A genuinely well-made chandelier will more than pay for itself over time by becoming an heirloom, standing the test of time, and for being the exact light fixture that you need and want. This kind of investment is one of the best for your home. Along with being able to select the size, shape and color, you are also able to choose number of lights with their appropriate wattage and the type of attachment for the ceiling.

Custom made chandeliers-quality vs. quantity

It is true that custom made pieces tend to be more expensive than their counterparts, the prefabricated pieces. These counterparts are made in a factory for mass distribution at varying stores, such as home improvement stores, hardware stores, specialty light fixture stores and even some department stores. Pre-built fixtures are less expensive simply because they are mass produced using the same pattern and mold and normally are not handcrafted, but instead built on an assembly line by a machine. The quality can also be less in a prefabricated lighting fixture than custom built ones. Something to remember when designing your custom chandelier is that it is just that-custom.

Custom made chandeliers are the ultimate is perfect lighting

By now you have made your home practically perfect in every way with just the right carpeting, accent rugs, paint and accessories for your walls. The only thing that is left to perfect your living space is the ultimate lighting fixture. Looking for exactly what you want only in pre-built, manufactured fixtures is going to be a difficult task. Matter of fact, it can turn out to be almost impossible. On the other hand, if you are looking to add a chandelier for you lighting purposes then your wish may have just come true by means of a custom made chandelier.